Visual production


I’ve made a 3 part series [that turned in to 5 videos] looking at the essentials of projection mapping using Resolume Arena and Cinema 4D.

Part 1 covers the basics of using Resolume and we look at making clips inside of the software using sources and effects.I explain the advanced out put setting and show 3 different ways of projecting on to our object.

Part 2 explains making custom content to project onto a 2D surface, I make a clip in C4D, tweak it in After Effects [while talking about the exciting implications of using the right video codex], then finally project that video in Resolume. I talk about creating to intermediate points to compensate for any offset angles.

Finally, we cover creating completely 3D video projection mapping. This involves making a template in Resolume, measuring the distance between the projector and the subject, then replicating this exact scene inside Cinema 4D. This technique can be applied to absolutely any 3D structure, from cardboard boxes to towing buildings.

I’d be happy to make more video tutorials on this subject, so if you do have any more suggestions, please do get in touch.

Oh, I did make another one, here it is:

Probably more on the way when I get a bit of free time…

I did get a bit of free time, so here is a bonus one.